What are the Best Running Shorts for Women?

Alright, we’ve done a rundown of the absolute best running shorts for women to make sure you’re comfortable no matter the length of your run. Sit back and read on!

Getting out and hitting the open road for a relaxing run can be the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and get in some great exercise. This is especially true when the weather gets nice and you can get your run in at any time during the day. However, it’s important that you have a pair of comfortable running shorts that won’t bother you while running.

How To Find The Best Pair Of Women’s Running Shorts

When it comes to running shorts, there’s a load of different options out there – this can make it difficult to find exactly what it is that you should be looking for!

In some cases, you may find a pair that you love because they match your shoes or running top, but they may not be very comfortable once you start running in stride. The most important consideration for finding the best pair of shortsis going to be how they feel once you hit the open road in full-stride.

While some women prefer loose fitting shorts, others may enjoy a tighter fit that doesn’t have as much bounce when running. It may also be important to look for a pair of shorts that have pockets for you to store your MP3 player or keys in – but of course, that may not be as important if you are looking to keep weight to a minimum!

Our Top Picks

It’s also important to have a pair of shorts that will look great and make you feel confident while you are out running. Looking fabulous is always a bonus!

Here are our top picks for comfort, style and convenience. Read on for the top 3 best running shorts for women!

3. Nike Women’s Running Tempo Track Shorts

Nike Women's Running Tempo Track Shorts

Price: $30

It should come as no surprise that Nike makes the list. Nike specializes in equipment and apparel for athletes of all sports, and they’re famous for their running gear.

If you have a pair of Nike shoes and want to match it with the rest of your running gear, consider the Nike Tempo Track shorts. They come in a ton of different styles, ranging from solid to two-tone patterns. There are plenty of pinks, greens and purples, but also more subtle blacks and greys as well.

These shorts are made of the Nike Dri-FIT fabric, which will help wick away sweat during your run and keep you comfortable throughout. There is also an internal pocket, which is great for storing things like your keys or even a MP3 player or cell phone.

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2. Asics Women’s Core Pocketed Shorts

Asics Women's Core Pocketed Short

Price: $30

If you aren’t as concerned about style or flair, consider the Asics Women’s Core Pocket Short. They are one of the best because they are a super-comfortable fit and they offer your legs plenty of room to move about in full stride.

They are also made with a quick-dry fabric, so you don’t have to worry about sweating during your run.

These shorts have two pockets on the sides, as well as a small inside pocket as well. They fit great for a variety of different body shapes and sizes, and you’ll be happy knowing that you are running in comfort while out on the open road or on a treadmill at the gym.

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1. Oiselle Running Women’s Roga Shorts

Oiselle Running Women's Roga Shorts

Price: $46

Oiselle specializes in running equipment, and their Roga shorts are perfect if you’re looking for a tight-fitting pair of running shorts.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, the Roga shorts are made with a spandex and polyester material, which allows a form-fit to your body.

They are also incredibly stretchy, so you don’t need to worry about chaffing during your run.

Like the ASICS, the Rogas offer zippers on both the inside and outside so you can store important items while you are exercising. If looser fitting shorts aren’t something you enjoy, or you like the style of tighter shorts, the Oiselle Rogas are one of the best running shorts for women you can buy.

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Finding the right pair of running shorts typically depends on your preference on style and fit. But with the options on this list, you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll enjoy wearing while out for a run or heading to the gym.

Happy running ladies – hope you liked our list of the best running shorts for women!

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