Best Hydration Pack for Running – Top Camelbaks & Hydration Packs

What is the best hydration pack for running? We’ve done a roundup of the best camelbaks, hydration packs and water bladders on the market to bring you our top picks. Read on for our best picks. ūüėČ

Our Guide to the Best Hydration Pack for Running

Perhaps not the best hydration pack for running

Knowing what to look for in a hydration pack can be confusing, so we’ve broken our packs down into the most important features to make things clear and easy.

We’ve been sure to pick packs that don’t add any taste to the water whatsoever.

Alright, without further ado: on with the list!

4. Camelbak Rogue

Camelbak RoguePrice: $65

The Camelbak Rogue is clean, simple and efficient. Camelbak are famous for their hydration packs and they don’t dissapoint here. It has a 2 liter hydration capacity with an additional 3 liters for carge, and the mesh harnesses keep it in comfy low profile on the body.

It’s a really comfortable pack from a reliable manufacturer, with all sorts of technology to prolong its life. Definitely worth a look-in for the average runner!

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3. Source Tactical Hydration Pack

Price: $76

Hoo-rah, soldier!

If you’re in the market for a durable pack, source outdoors make this great line in both 2- and 3-liter versions.

The reservoir itself is thick and tough, easily accessible from the backpack and tightly held in place while running. It’s definitely a great pack overall, plus it’ll let you indulge the budding military man deep inside. Atten-shun!

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2. Nathan Intensity Race Vest

Nathan Intensity Race VestPrice: $100

If you’re looking for a pack for marathon running, you’ll need to account for a couple more things when choosing a pack.

You’re going to want a pack with a smaller capacity which you can refill as necessary to reduce the weight, and it needs to be as comfortable as possible.

The Nathan intensity race vest features a number of patented technologies which mean it really is difficult to compete with; it’s definitely our top pick for long distance runners. ¬†It has a 2 liter volume and sits steady on the body, and the straps are lightweight and very highly breathable.

A great choice!

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1. Salomon Advanced S-Lab 5

Price: $195

Alright, we’ll be honest: you’re going to have to splash out if you want to get your hands on our number 1 hydration pack.

If you want the best of the best though, it’s worth it. To quote the ever-incredible¬†ginger runner, “this is the best hydration pack I’ve ever used.”

The S-Lab has compression meshing technology to mould itself to your body and the massive 5 liter capacity make this a double backpack-hydropack combo. It comes with 2 bottles that can be used instead of a hydration skin for more casual runs, as well as a 1.5 liter bladder. If you want to replace it, it can accommodate more.

The reviews speak for themselves, but this pack really is brilliant. Have a look for more info!

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Preventing Hydration Pack Sloshing

When you’re running, water crashing around in your hydration pack can become a problem. Nobody wants to hear their backpack sound like a washing machine and it isn’t exactly comfortable either, ¬†so we’ve got a quick tip to help reduce sloshing while you’re running.

How to prevent hydration pack sloshing:


Well, there we have it – our top 4 picks for the best hydration pack for running. If none of these suit you, you can check out the top-rated packs on Amazon but we sure hope we’ve provided you with some value! Good luck and happy running from all of us here at Jogging Boots!

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