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The Best Shoes for Overpronation - Photo by Ed Yourdon

What are the Best Shoes for Overpronation?

If the inner sides of your shoes are wearing out quickly, you might be an overpronator. Choosing the best shoes for overpronation can be a challenge, so we’ve broken down three of the best to make choosing things easier.

Don’t know much about choosing a shoe for overpronation? Check out this video for a bit of background on just what overpronation is, and how to choose a shoe for it:

Alright, on with the list!

3. ASICS GEL-Kayano

ASICS GEL-Kayano 19

Price: $160

An old favourite of ours, the GEL-Kayano proves its worth yet again as a great shoe for overpronation. Its cushioned sole helps reduce the impact on your ankles from landing at an awkward angle while running and the external heel clutching system keeps the shoes tight.

We’ve been a fan of these for a while, and they’re great for giving support to overpronators too.

Pros: Great All-Rounder, Tried and Tested

Buy on Amazon: Men | Women

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Price: $80

Originally designed for supporting runners with plantar fasciitis, the brooks adrenaline range are great for runners with overpronation problems as well.

Since the shoe is specifically designed to support the foot as much as possible – particularly the arch – this helps alleviate the issues caused by pronation of the ankle. The result is a comfy run that is much less likely to result in injury, and they can even help correct the problem!

Pros: Great Arch Support, Heel Correction, Super High-Tech

Buy on Amazon: Men | Women

1. Mizuno Wave Inspire


Mizuno Wave Inspire 9


Price: $110

Specially-designed for overpronators, Mizuno’s Wave Inspire range really are great. Famed for their high-quality sports products, Mizuno haven’t failed to deliver. This has to be, by far, our number one best shoe for overpronation.

The sole is curved to minimise the impact of flat feet common to overpronators, and the midsole is designed to flex as your feet adjust through your stride. The result is that the shoes aren’t limited by the changes in foot angle common to overpronation – they’re comfy, durable, and they make running easy.

Pros: Specially-Designed, Adaptive Sole Technology

Buy on Amazon: Men | Women


If you’ve had success with a particular shoe, pop it below and let everyone know what your best shoes for overpronation are. Running as an overpronator is a great way to keep fit, so we’d love to hear your suggestions! Until next time, that’s it from all of us here at Jogging Boots.

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