Best Running Shoes for Bunions – Our Top Picks

What are the Best Running shoes for Bunions? - Photo By Macinate

What are the Best Running Shoes for Bunions?

Bunions can be a pain to deal with, and whilst shoes might not cause bunions, they certainly make them worse. We’ve put together a list of the best running shoes for bunions so you can be sure to make the right decision.

Before we start, take a look at the video below and decide if getting specialised shoes are for you – remember, if you don’t have bunions, it’s unlikely your shoes will cause them!

However, what you can definitely do is find a shoe to help stop the growth of your bunions, and help alleviate pain. If that’s what you’re looking for, then these are our top picks!

3. Reebok Pheehan

Reebok Pheehan

Price: $40

The first thing to look for in a shoe when you have bunions is a wide frame to alleviate pressure on your foot.

The Reebok Pheehan, along with being one of our favourite running shoes, is great for this, and the strong arch suport and padded foam inlining prevent chaffing on the inside of your big toe.

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2. ASICS GT-1000



Price: $50

The lightweight durasponge on the GT-1000 is great for cushioning, alleviating pressure from a bunion and reducing painful impacts on the ball of the foot. The guidance lines provide a great support throughout the stride which keep pressure behind the ball of the big toe, keeping your feet comfortable during the run.

There’s gel cushioning throughout the shoe as well, and the reviews speak for themselves – a great shoe that adds solid support while you’re running.

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1. Altra Instinct

Altra Instinct
Price: $55

Without an overlay going over the big toe, there’s absolutely nothing on the Altra Instict to rub against a bunion. The soft fabric keeps things comfy while you’re running to remove any chance of chaffing.

Another thing to look for in a shoe for bunions is that the shoe strikes the ground in the middle of the sole. This keeps pressure off the ball of the foot and further reduces irritation. Given the wide front on the Altra, you’ll have plenty of room to breathe with nothing forcing your big toes into a point.

The women’s range is known as the Instinct – you can take a look at both below!

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Bonus Product

Even with a great shoe for bunions, chaffing can still become a problem. The best solution we’ve found are specialised pads that cover the swelling and alleviate pressure. Much like a blister plaster, these are almost magic in how they made us feel.

You can check them out here: Buy on Amazon

Conclusion – The Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Well, there we have it – our ultimate guide to choosing from the best running shoes for bunions. Hope these help you out and you guys for! Much love from the team at Jogging Boots.

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