Best Running Socks – Our Top 5

The Best Running Socks - Photo By .Curt

Top 5 Best Running Socks

Can you say running socks? We’ve been sifting through the products and we’ve come to a conlusion – so strap in fellas & ladies, this is our rundown of the top 5 best running socks money can buy.

Here goes!

5. Thorlo Experia CoolMax Micro Mini

Thorlo Experia CoolMax Micro Mini

Price: $12

These sculpted socks are designed to taper to your feet, with specially-designed thorlo pads in the ball and heel to provide cushioning from impact. Durable and comfortable, these socks will keep your feet toasty & dry while you’re running.

Pros: Dry, Comfortable, Thick

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4. 2XU Compression Running Sock

2XU Compression Run Sock

Price: $40

The 2XU compression run sock is comfy, lightweight and highly breathable – for long-distance running, this is a great sock to buy.

Compression socks are designed to keep the muscles compressed during long-distance running, increasing blood flow and reducing muscle vibration. All this contributes to decreased recovery time and soothing of the muscle – great for those of you who don’t want to be out of action for long!

Pros: Great for Long-Distance, Very Breathable

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3. Thorlo Women’s Pink Pad Breast Cancer Awareness Sock

Thorlo Pink Pad Running Sock

Price: $13

Sorry fellas, this one’s just for the ladies!

We had to throw this sock into the list. As well as fitting really well, it also lets us raise awareness of a great cause. Thorlo donates to breast cancer research for every pair of these socks purchased – if that sounds interesting, be sure to have a look at them!

Pros: Really Nice Fit, It’s for Charity!

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2. Injinji Xtralife No Shows

Ininji Xtralife Socks

Price: $12

For the minimalists among you, the Xtralife socks from Injinji are made with a super-thin material and a next-to-skin fit for maximum performance and the feel of a run without socks.

For short-distance running and minimal footwear, these are perfect, and the toes will help your feet stay cool and dry even in hot environments.

Pros: Toes Keep Your Feet Cool, Super Lightweight

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1. “The Sock Geeks” Ru Running Socks

Sock Geeks Ru Running Sock

Price: $14

Well, what can we say but wow to these socks. These super high-tech socks from the “Sock Geeks” were probably made in the basement with foaming bottles of I don’t know what, but the result is incredible.

Sewn with “CoolMax” fabric with a patent-pending airflow design, they’ve got elastic arch supports to keep your plantar tendon sturdy, and even go so far as to include some mad scientist technology to make taking the socks on and off a glorious experience.

Head and shoulders above the rest, by far. Hands down one of the best running socks!

Pros: Magical Wizard Technology, All-Around Winners

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Bonus Product

That’s not all though folks. You might have found the best running socks in the world but we’ve got another product to help you keep your feet in tip-top condition.

Stuffits Drying Insoles

Price: $21

Stuffits Drying Insoles

If you’re looking to keep your shoes odour-free, better than a good pair of running socks are some drying insoles to insert after your run.

These will soak up the nasty-smelling sweat from your shoes leaving them clean and fresh. We’ve got to say, we were surprised with the results!

They’re an expensive purchase, but well worth it in the long run for  heavenly-smelling running shoes.

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Alright lovelies, that’s it – we’re all done!

Those are the top 5 best running socks money can buy. Enjoy, and happy running from all of us over at Jogging Boots. Socks away!

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