Top 5 Best Trail Running Shoes

The Best Trail Running Shoes - Photo by Bfick

What are the Best Shoes for Trail Running?

Want to know which are the best trail running shoes of 2014 are? Here’s our roundup of the top 10 contenders. Take a look and see which trail running shoe is best for you – click the titles for a full review!

5. Merrell Ascend Glove


Merrell Ascend Glove

Price: $80

Our first pair of shoes are the comfiest of the lot, with extra cushioning to keep your feet in good shape on your runs. The extra protection offered by the trail pads make these great off-road shoes to run with, and the barefoot design aligns perfectly with the curves of your feet, offering maximum responsiveness on your run.

Pros: Lightweight, Good Support

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4. Salomon XT Wings 3

Salomon XT Wings 3

Price: $100

These heavy duty shoes have a pumped-up sole for maximum support – the seamless meshing on the inside of the shoe keeps you protected from harsher trails.

The shoes come with a quicklace system to get the shoes tightened up quickly, and the tongue-cover keeps small objects from finding their way in on your run

Pros: Heavy Duty, Great Support, Easy-On Easy-Off

Buy on Amazon: Men | Women

3. Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail Running Shoes

Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail Running Shoe

Price: $60

These super-lightweight barefoot shoes are designed to be highly breathable and feel like you’re running with nothing on your feet at all. We’ve tried a lot of trail running shoes and we’ve yet to find some as light as this!

The lightweight nature of these shoes does make the cushioning suffer a little though, so you won’t want to take them on any really heavy-duty slopes.

Pros: Super lightweight, very breathable

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2. Vibram Spyridon

Vibram Spyridon

Price: $100

Five-finger shoes are designed to feel like you’re running totally barefoot so you can get maximum grip on the trail. The thick lining protects you from the elements, while the wrap-around grip means you can get a sharp angle of attack on the trail.

For responsive running in rocky environments, we can’t recommend better.

Pros: Perfect for Barefoot Running, Maximum Grip

Buy on Amazon: Men | Women

1. La Sportiva Raptor GTX

La Sportiva Raptor GTX

Price: $140

The La Sportiva Raptor GTX, lined with thick treads and Gore-Tex waterproof lining, is the perfect companion for challenging trails. The toe-protector which covers the entire front of the shoe and the durable design keep your feet toasty, comfy and well protected on the most challenging trails.

Pros: Heavy Duty, Durable, Highly Waterproof

Buy on Amazon:  Men | Women

So there you have it, our roundup of the best trail running shoes of 2014. Hope it’s been helpful!

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